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Around the Corner: Gone for now, Back in 40 days

October 6, 2016

Congress wrapped up its pre-election work last week. After the votes are cast on November 8th, Congress will return November 14th. That will be an organizing week for the next Congress. The Democrats and Republicans in each chamber set their own schedules for the following activities: leadership elections; adoption of new conference rules; and steering committee formation. The Freshman orientation for new House members will span the two weeks surrounding Thanksgiving. Leadership elections in both Chambers are expected to occur the week of 11/14. The major caucuses will also begin their organizing activities in the lame duck. Decisions on open chairmanships and A committee slots likely won’t be resolved till after Thanksgiving. Changes in the partisan balance of the House and Senate would result in adjustments of committee ratios and budgets.The CR will take us through December 9th. Therefore, there will likely be a minimum of three weeks for the lame duck on the short side. Predicting much about the lame duck agenda without first knowing the election results is unwise, but the following menu is in play:Must Pass (or likely to get done):

Possibilities: (loosely organized in order of likely resolution)

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