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Food for the Soul

October 18, 2016

In his column today, nationally syndicated columnist David Brooks, tells the story of two people who made a commitment to change the trajectory of young people’s lives in the District of Columbia. Two specific items drew me to this column: First, Kathy and David, the focus of this story, are dear friends of the Merin family, which has afforded us the privilege of watching this inspiring story unfold. Secondly, the column is a valuable and enduring reminder that love and kindness should lead the way in our lives.For many if not most Americans, this Presidential election campaign has been a loathsome mix of character assassination and hateful rhetoric that has damaged our sense of national community. I hope that the Brooks column reaffirms the basic American principle that we can all be agents of positive, meaningful change. The miracle of Kathy and David's work has been powered by mutual respect, nurturing conversation, and lots of love, the very best nutrients for the soul. I hope that you'll find their story as inspiring and empowering as we do.

The Power of a Dinner Table

Chuck Merin

Chuck, Prime Policy Group’s executive Vice President, possesses more than 45 years of Washington experience, beginning with service as a congressional staffer. He has established himself as the premier lobbyist for service and hospitality industry interests in Washington. He is an expert in building legislative coalitions and helping clients forge effective, long-term relationships on Capitol Hill. Chuck is perhaps best known for his close affiliation with the Blue Dog Coalition, an alliance of more than two dozen pro-business, conservative House Democrats whose votes are much coveted.
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