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Marty Paone Talks to Yahoo! News About Impeachment in the Senate

October 23, 2019


rime's Marty Paone, one of the leading experts in Senate procedure, shared his expertise with Yahoo! News for a piece examining likely parameters around a Senate trial should the House of Representatives vote to impeach the president. In "If Trump tries to turn impeachment into reality TV, who can stop him?" Marty explains that Democrats and Republicans are likely to agree to rules regarding a trial.“You have to set up the parameters, or else it’ll go on forever,” Paone said. “I think they could do it in two weeks easily.”Looking for more information about the mechanics of how a trial works in the Senate? Marty has you covered with his Impeachment in the Senate primer.

Marty Paone

Martin P. Paone is a Senate Procedure expert and serves as a Senior Advisor at Prime Policy Group. Marty rejoined the firm after a two-year hiatus spent working for President Obama as his Deputy Assistant for Legislative Affairs and Senate Liaison. Marty served on Capitol Hill for 32 years, including 13 years as Democratic Secretary and is regarded as an expert on Senate rules and procedure.
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