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The Future of American Politics

May 23, 2016

Most bipartisan observers agree that seismic demographic shifts have altered the face of our electorate. Michael Lind's recent article in the May 22nd issue of Politico, focuses upon the equally important ideological realignment underway in both Parties. The "culture wars" that helped define decades of partisan landscapes are being replaced with new and equally compelling pressures. Understanding these forces will be central to longer term success no matter the underlying issue. I hope that you enjoy the read.

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Chuck Merin

Chuck, Prime Policy Group's executive Vice President, possesses more than 45 years of Washington experience, beginning with service as a congressional staffer. He has established himself as the premier lobbyist for service and hospitality industry interests in Washington. He is an expert in building legislative coalitions and helping clients forge effective, long-term relationships on Capitol Hill. Chuck is perhaps best known for his close affiliation with the Blue Dog Coalition, an alliance of more than two dozen pro-business, conservative House Democrats whose votes are much coveted.
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